I am from Margoa, Goa, India. I call central Indiana my home now with my family.

I am grateful to introduce my Portuguese - infused Goan flavors to your culinary lives. I have had over a decade of cooking experience in the local Indian restaurants and as a family man, I wanted to combine a way for families to enjoy delicious global flavors without leaving the comforts of the home kitchen, making it convenient and saving money!

Let me help you with your cooking - simply purchase one of my fresh Goan inspired Curry Marinades, add whatever ingredients you desire, and be your own Curry Chef!

Cooking for more than two? Just double your Curry marinades to the amount of guests you are cooking for.

If you are planning a large gathering, and want me to cater your entire luncheon, dinner, office meeting, or celebration; please contact me to plan for it for you!